Golden Retriever Paintings
Kathy Hagerman Golden Retriever Art
Golden Retriever Paintings
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Capture the Magic with Kathy Hagerman

Kathy Hagerman Originals

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Please contact Kathy for information and pricing of specific originals or if you wish to discuss a commissioned original. Please call toll free 1-877-294-5566 or e-mail

Originals are painted using the highest quality paint and board materials available

  • A collection of paintings of dogs / cats / horses / children¬†/ wildlife and scenes
  • Originals are primarily painted in highly detailed acrylic or oil
  • Original drawings primarily drawn in a detailed combination of grease pencil and graphite.
  • All originals are framed using the highest quality three piece frames available.
  • Includes a brass plate¬†stating the Title, Media and Original painting by Kathy Hagerman
  • PRICE: Paintings framed from $4,000. +


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