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Kathy Hagerman’s life has been one of personal growth and artistic achievement.


Proudly embracing her humble beginnings as a self-taught artist with a conviction for excellence, she has refined the resources of her raw talent into a successful career.


Born in Brantford, Ontario, June 18 1957, she later moved to the beautiful Niagara Peninsula and makes her home in Beamsville along the spectacular Niagara Bench. Inspired by her surroundings, she designs and creates each painting either in the studio of her country home, which overlooks a secluded ravine, or at the family cottage on the scenic shores of Georgian Bay.


Ever intrigued with the age-old relationship between man and nature and the untouched innocence of youth, she began her career in 1975, and based her compositions around these universal themes. Dedicated to capturing these “precious moments” of life, far removed from the hectic and hurried world around her, she finds much of her inspiration in the appreciative eyes of others.


“The timelessness of my paintings allows the admirer the opportunity to think back through the years to perhaps a similar remembrance of their own and smile for a moment at the recollection. It is in these smiles I fine my greatest reward, the knowledge that I touched a personal part of someone's past and summoned forth the feelings of a fond memory.”


Nature’s influence on Kathy is apparent in all her work and much of it centres on man’s struggle to wrest a living from its impulsive grasp. The unspoken relationships between man, animals and nature are also popular themes for her work and she has discovered abundant examples of them all across the country. Her ability to capture the feeling and re-create the atmosphere of these scenes has contributed largely to the popularity of her work.


These themes are especially evident in her many paintings focused on the Mennonite communities near Kitchener, Ontario. A distance relative of Jacob Fry, a local Mennonite cabinet maker, Kathy takes a special interest in the old -fashioned lifestyle of these proud people.


The continued portrayal of horses in her paintings, both in structure and situation, reveals her instinctive interest for these powerful beasts. Awed by their strength and lured by their beauty, she never tires of analyzing the delicate balance between the two qualities. She relishes each opportunity to delve a little further into the character of these fundamental links between man and nature, each time surfacing with a new perspective.


In addition to her traditional themes, Kathy continues to pursue the tranquil themes inspired by the shared moments between child and precious pet. Her skillful portrayal of these inseparable playmates as they explore and discover the world around them, basking in the pleasures of the day, taking comfort in the other's company, brings each of her paintings to life. Over the years, Kathy’s two children, Jessica and Blaine, have inspired many paintings.


“I love to work with children because of their open, unaffected nature and the ease with which they coexist with nature. They are not possessed with the desire to alter or manipulate the environment, they’re just happy to revel in its glory. I believe much of the appeal of my work lies in my eagerness to capture that innocent appreciation.”


Golden retrievers have long been an important part of Kathy’s life. First inspired by a childhood photo of her mother's golden retriever, “Goldie”, Kathy longed to have a golden retriever of her own. She purchased her first golden in 1981 and has never looked back. To date, Kathy and her husband Gary have had five beautiful golden retrievers which have been depicted in many of her works. Her love for the breed has taken her far in the “golden world”. Participating each year at the U.S. Golden Retriever National has greatly expanded ownership of her work all over the world.


Regardless of subject, Kathy strives for a realism and accuracy of detail in all her work. a Brock University graduate of Kinesiology with distinction, her knowledge of muscle structure, anatomy and human kinetics has proven invaluable to her work, particularly in the action -packed paintings that she so loves to capture. Her ability to perceive and portray movement is unparalleled, even the most minute detail captured in stop-action insight that would otherwise evade the human eye.


In her search for excellence, Kathy has explored and mastered many media. Beginning with the fine, detailed medium of pointillism, produced in pen and ink, she progressed to include stone lithography, etchings, egg tempera, oil and acrylic in her talents. Presently working primarily in acrylic, she finds it well-suited to the texture, depth of colour and tone she uses in all her paintings. It has the ability to capture both the brilliance of light and subtlety of shading her work has become renowned for.


“I am always looking for a challenge, at test of the scope of my creativity. As a self -taught artist, my methods may not always be orthodox, but the results are always rewarding. Working with different media allows me the freedom to pursue my search for creative growth. Demanding of skill and precision, my chosen methods leave little room for error. Hours of preparation and experimentation go into each piece before the first stroke is made. It is in the final product that the extra effort is rewarded. The satisfaction of a well-done painting rekindles my excitement and sends me eagerly back to my studio to do it again.”


A perfectionist in many media, her creative eye for colour, composition and detail allows her to see beyond the simplicity of the ordinary and through originality, transform it into the extraordinary.


Her instinct for precision presentation has won her many honors and awards. Through television, magazine, newspaper and radio exposure, she has received acclaimed recognition throughout the country. In 1989, Kathy published her art book, “Kathy Hagerman in Retrospect”. To date over 9,000 Hard Cover Books have been sold of this colourful depiction of her works of art. Her original paintings, limited edition giclee’ (g-clay) prints hang in corporate and private collections across North America and the world.


Kathy believes she will continue to grow as an artist, exploring and expressing herself through paint and brush. Her commitment is to her quest for artistic and personal excellence, her course, in any direction that search may take her. That expression of emotion is what art is all about.

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